Rana was born in 1985, in Istanbul and has always admired the city.

She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University,

Textile&Fashion Design department. Being a leather-fetishist;

she has finally decided to create her own brand for dreamers like her.

KUKLA fashion design was created with the idea to offer customized shoes and accessories that express your originality, as an alternative to identical mass-products.


All KUKLA products are handmade with care, using best quality genuine leather, by small manufacturers in Istanbul. Each design is unique, applied by designer Rana Öztok.


KUKLA means "puppet" in Turkish. You can create your own shoes by choosing between various leather and heel options, explaining the designs you'd like to get painted and adding your name or any other details.


You are free to play with your shoes just like marionettes:)